= carpooling + benefit system

are you a driver?

  • get vouchers and tickets for giving your friends a lift
  • easily find colleagues that need a lift
  • use special communicator and map for tracking your passengers
  • just put your destination and time of travel

are you a passenger?

  • get a lift from you colleagues for free
  • you do not have to pay anything
  • easily find colleagues that will give you a lift
  • just put your destination and arrival time

scroll down to see how it works

The user Hitchhiker asks for a ride in response to your offer. Would you like to accept the request?

Yes No Offer other route

Use the mobile app to offer a possibility to give a lift to your colleagues

A colleague from your company will choose a ride that fits to his working schedule

You will get a notification and may approve to give a lift to this colleague

Hi! I'm already in the place

You can contact with other passengers via real time instant Messenger in your mobile app

Using the mobile app users can see each other on the map in real time

Employees go to work together. Passengers do not pay anything for rides!

For each ride driver gets special points!


The more rides, the better prizes!

You need only few points to get bonuses from your employer. You can choose tickets to cinemas, theaters or shopping cards

Everyone benefits from cityRide system.

Employees (paseengers) get free and convinient acces to work.

Employees (drivers) get benefits each month.

Employer gets:

  • pro-social and pro-eco image
  • employees satisfaction and integration
  • additional module for managing parking places
  • system for automatic preparation of delegation documents

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Mateusz Tim

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Michał Maj

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Piotr Grąbkowski

Piotr Grąbkowski

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Awards - First place in the contest organized by the general directorate of environmental protection for a new logo design “environment for development”, first award in the category of application concepts in the "Applications without barriers" contest for the mobile application most available for people with disabilities for the project Colorfix.